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Tips For Finding The Best Builders In Liverpool

Group of Builders

Liverpool BuildersWhether you want to remodel a property or want it built from the ground up, you’ll only want to work with the best builders Liverpool has to offer. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a few tips to help you. First, use various resources to location builders. When you have done that, keep these tips for finding the best builders in Liverpool in mind.


Builders should have plenty of experience, and this doesn’t just refer to how many years they’ve been working for or experience they collectively hold. Experience refers to the number of construction projects they’ve worked on, especially within the last few years. As a general rule of thumb, the more construction projects they have worked on or currently working on, the more experience they will have.

The best builders in Liverpool has sufficient experience. Ask prospective Liverpool builders how many projects they’ve completed this past year. Also ask then how many projects they’re currently working on.

Ask To See Their Portfolio

Many of the top builders in Liverpool have their portfolios available online, so check their websites to see if they have a portfolio section. Check out their work to see if it looks good and if it matches what you kind of have in mind. Basically, you want to make sure they are up to the task to handle your project, which you can get an idea by looking at their portfolio. If the portfolios aren’t on their website, then ask them directly if you can see it.

Read Reviews

Another thing you should do is check out reviews because the best builders in Liverpool will have plenty of good reviews written about them. Check what their customers are saying by looking at the builders’ websites and then check on third-party review sites, but make sure the reviews are verify. Also, don’t write off hiring a builder if they have a couple of bad reviews written because most companies will have negative reviews. As long as a builder has many positive reviews and only a handful of negative ones, then this is fine.


Finally, request quotes from the builders. However, don’t just choose the cheapest builder because they are the cheapest. If you firmly believe they are the best builders in Liverpool and they just happen to charge the cheapest price, then go right ahead and hire them. Price is important, but you don’t want to pay a cheap price only to end up with mediocre work.

On that note, does the quotes include a warranty? Make sure you ask this. The best builders in Liverpool will warrant their work and they will tell you what’s included in that warranty, and if they don’t warrant their work, then think twice about using them.

When it comes to finding the best builders in Liverpool, you want to compare their experience. Don’t forget to look at their portfolio and read reviews. Request quotes, and then determine which one you think will perform the best work. After you’ve done this, you can decide which builder to hire.

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Things to Know Before You Plan for a Building Extension in Wrexham

Building Extension in Wrexham

When you plan for a Wrexham building extension, you need to be careful about certain things to make the project a successful one. The extension is worthy of consideration from the viewpoint of investments. Since this is a significant investment, you’d definitely want a profitable return. Added space enhances the value of the home. If you want to extend a single story, then you must consider the benefits you will get from that two-story building.

The things worth considering are as follows:

Planning commission permission

If you require the permission of the planning commission for the building extension for the permitted development rights, then you should get the approval of the building regulation. The building regulations usually set out the minimum requirements for fire safety, structural integrity, damp proofing, energy efficiency, ventilation, and other crucial aspects that can make sure the building is safe. Majority of the repair work does not form part of the building regulations. Besides, the new buildings like outbuildings and sheds, all kinds of work of new buildings should comply with the regulations.

Extension cost

The extension cost is dependent on many variables such as the type of soil, whether you are planning a building extension in Wrexham, a single story or a two-story, and what shall the extension be used for.

Financing the building extension

Several options are available for financing the building extension. Here, you need to think prudently and therefore you should borrow only the amount you need. If you really need to borrow, some of the best options are credit cards, personal loans, secured loans or remortgage.

Selecting the designer

You have numerous options while designing the building extension. This includes the architects, specialist designers, architectural technicians, and the extension design companies. A good designer comes up with solutions that you may not have even thought. Whoever you appoint as a designer should understand your requirements.

Site insurance

Most of the insurance providers for home do not cover insurance in case you are altering the building structure such as an extension. When the work goes on you should have the site insurance for covering the existing structure as well as the new work till the time you complete the project. If you vacate the property as the building extension work commences, you may require the site insurance that will be a policy for a minimum period of 6 months. Remember to notify the existing insurance provider before starting the work.

Building control

Before beginning the work, you have to submit the full plan application or the building notice to the building control. It is advised that a full plan application should be submitted in advance to the building control because it can confirm whether the design fulfills the required standards before the work commences.

These are some of the practical issues that you must consider when you are planning for a building extension in Wrexham. The extension is a way of adding space without moving to another place. You should know everything from costs to planning permission to the design work so that the entire process goes as smoothly as possible.

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Tips For Finding The Best Builders In Chester

Chester Builders

Choosing a Chester Builder for your home is very important so as to get your desired house design. Be it extensions or repairs, it is very important to invest time in finding a builder who will understand your needs. The following are ways on how to choose the best builders in Chester.


Friends and neighbours in your community can be a good source for finding a good builder in Chester. You can visit some houses in your neighbourhood and look at the various designs. If you see what you like you can ask the home owner to refer you to their builder. Given that this is a compliment to their house, they will be more than happy to share details of the builder they used especially when you shower them with compliments.

Builder Websites
Currently, there are two market leading websites offering a database that allow you to search for builders and their recommendations. How it works is homeowners who have had work done in their houses give reviews on how they like the work done and also what they did not like. This creates a local ranking of the builders and the better the e feedback the higher the ranking. This two sites are good places to find a good builder in Chester.

Guarantees and Insurance
Look for a builder who guarantees his work because you will believe that he is reputable in this field. Also, they should be insured for accidentally damaging property and public liability.

Getting Quotes
Just because a building firm may charge a high price does not necessarily mean that they will do a good job. It is good to compare prices of many builders and if one is suspiciously higher or lower then there is need for further investigation. Check for the materials being used in the quote. Ask yourself whether they are of good quality or whether they are cheap materials that will cost you in the long run. Try as much to get a detailed quotation that breaks down everything being used and you should also find out what is covered and what is not covered by the builder.

Membership to Professional Bodies
A membership body that a reputable builder should be involved in is Federation of Master Builders. All members of this professional body sign a code of practice and they are also monitored regularly by their inspectors. The main purpose of this federation is the improvement of standards in the industry of building. Therefore, getting a builder that is signed to this body is a plus.

Builders should have examples of work that they have done in the past. This can include authentic photos and videos of the work that they have done for different clients. Testimonials on their website can be a good guide on the quality of work that they do. Contacts of previous clients should also be provided so as to confirm the authenticity of the work done. This will increase their reliability and your trust in them will increase.

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Builders In Wirral – Who Should You Hire?

Builders in Wirral

One thing we know about the builders in Wirral is that there are many of them out there that are based in that part of the United Kingdom. In fact, there are so many of them, you can get confused on who to hire. However, we also know this for a fact: There are several ways through which you can vet them.

The obvious way is to ask for recommendations from your family and friends. Hopefully, you have one in your circle who has worked with a builder he or she won’t be embarrassed to recommend to other people. But if you have no one to call, just know that there are other ways that you can narrow down your choices.

One other way is to take a look at the reviews and star ratings found on Google Reviews or review websites like Yell. If you take a look at Google Reviews, you should be able to find several businesses that have an average of at least four stars based on over ten ratings. A highly-rated builder often means a professional builder who won’t break your heart with botched work.

Still, if you find it hard to trust ratings and reviews online, here’s another way to narrow your choices: Go to the website That is the official website of Federal Master Builders (FMB) in the country. According to FMB, their members are vetted so that only the most experienced builders become members. You can, and should visit the website right now and search for members in Wirral.

As you can see from above, there isn’t just way to find a builder, just as there are several ways that you can do anything. Now, we are not going to tell you how you should go about finding a builder, however, we are going to encourage you to narrow down your choices based on specialization.

You might think that builders build houses and buildings from the ground up exclusively. However, the truth is that majority of them also do emergency repairs, home improvements, and property maintenance. It is up to you to find a worker who specializes in the job that you need to get done. Do not be content with finding just one worker.

Make sure that you get the names and contact numbers of at least three people. Why? So you can compare their services and prices. It’s a lot like comparison shopping for clothes. You take one brand and take a look at how much it costs at the different retailers. In this case, though, there is one service and you want to know how much it will cost you with the different builders.
Should you hire someone based on price alone? Our experience says no. You don’t just consider the money involved, you also consider the work satisfaction guarantee and if a builder offers it. Really, building contractors are people too and they can commit mistakes, however, they should be willing to correct it for free.

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