Things to Know Before You Plan for a Building Extension in Wrexham

When you plan for a Wrexham building extension, you need to be careful about certain things to make the project a successful one. The extension is worthy of consideration from the viewpoint of investments. Since this is a significant investment, you’d definitely want a profitable return. Added space enhances the value of the home. If you want to extend a single story, then you must consider the benefits you will get from that two-story building.

The things worth considering are as follows:

Planning commission permission

If you require the permission of the planning commission for the building extension for the permitted development rights, then you should get the approval of the building regulation. The building regulations usually set out the minimum requirements for fire safety, structural integrity, damp proofing, energy efficiency, ventilation, and other crucial aspects that can make sure the building is safe. Majority of the repair work does not form part of the building regulations. Besides, the new buildings like outbuildings and sheds, all kinds of work of new buildings should comply with the regulations.

Extension cost

The extension cost is dependent on many variables such as the type of soil, whether you are planning a building extension in Wrexham, a single story or a two-story, and what shall the extension be used for.

Financing the building extension

Several options are available for financing the building extension. Here, you need to think prudently and therefore you should borrow only the amount you need. If you really need to borrow, some of the best options are credit cards, personal loans, secured loans or remortgage.

Selecting the designer

You have numerous options while designing the building extension. This includes the architects, specialist designers, architectural technicians, and the extension design companies. A good designer comes up with solutions that you may not have even thought. Whoever you appoint as a designer should understand your requirements.

Site insurance

Most of the insurance providers for home do not cover insurance in case you are altering the building structure such as an extension. When the work goes on you should have the site insurance for covering the existing structure as well as the new work till the time you complete the project. If you vacate the property as the building extension work commences, you may require the site insurance that will be a policy for a minimum period of 6 months. Remember to notify the existing insurance provider before starting the work.

Building control

Before beginning the work, you have to submit the full plan application or the building notice to the building control. It is advised that a full plan application should be submitted in advance to the building control because it can confirm whether the design fulfills the required standards before the work commences.

These are some of the practical issues that you must consider when you are planning for a building extension in Wrexham. The extension is a way of adding space without moving to another place. You should know everything from costs to planning permission to the design work so that the entire process goes as smoothly as possible.

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